Sakura – Koi Coloring Brush Pen – 48pcs


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The Koi Coloring Brush Pen is a watercolor brush pen that lets you paint with vibrant and transparent ink colors. You can choose from 48 different shades, ranging from bright primaries to soft pastels. Each pen has a flexible nylon brush tip that can create fine, medium, or bold strokes. You can also use the colorless blender pen or the Koi Water Brushes to create seamless washes, gradients, and effects.

The Koi Coloring Brush Pen is made by Sakura, a Japanese company that has been producing high-quality art supplies since 1921. Sakura is known for its innovative products, such as the Pigma Micron pens, the Gelly Roll pens, and the Cray-Pas oil pastels. The Koi Coloring Brush Pen is one of their best-selling products, loved by artists, hobbyists, and students alike.

The Koi Coloring Brush Pen is ideal for any project that requires color and creativity. You can use it for sketching, drawing, coloring, lettering, journaling, card making, scrapbooking, and more. You can also use it on different types of paper, such as watercolor paper, sketch paper, mixed media paper, or even canvas. The ink is water-based, odorless, acid-free, and non-toxic. It is also fast-drying and does not bleed through most papers.

The Koi Coloring Brush Pen – Sakura Japan – 48pcs comes in a durable plastic case that keeps your pens organized and protected. The case also has a handy color chart that shows you the name and number of each pen. You can easily find the color you need and create your own color combinations.

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to add color to your art and life, look no further than the Koi Coloring Brush Pen – Sakura Japan – 48pcs. This set will give you endless possibilities to express yourself and unleash your creativity. Order yours today and enjoy the magic of watercolor brush pens!

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Dimensions 5 × 14 × 14 cm


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